does it
make sense

no time

Imagine how many things you could do
if your life was marked by such a watch. Think about it!

The No Time watch’s purpose is to be the icon of this possibility,
opposed to the impossibility sense that common watches provide us everyday.

No Time represents Kairos,
it is the meaning of time, the value it embodies for each of us.
No Time is a watch with the second hand only
that wants to show the time going without reckoning it.
It is the embodied time against the abstract time of the clocks, in a new watch.

No Time wants to be the metaphor of how the world is going to experience the time from now on.
Consumers potentially can turn their demand 24 a day, every day. Companies, big and small, should respond 24 a day.
This is actually happening in few metropolis around the world but No Time stands for it to happen in every single city.
Further, technology allowed a lot of us to be extremely connected and so to work without fixed hours.
This will turn in defining the work by duties rather than by watches, as it was in the pre-industrial society. (Thompson)
Finally, No Time was the mindset of every entrepreneurs who built his own company after the second world war,
who worked day and night, and it always will be the mindset of the people who changes the world with their ideas.

To be continued…

Pietro Di Battista